Preferred Vendors works directly with Preferred Vendors to bring you, the CBDology Community a select array of physician-curated products that rotate to your doorstep every single month. Find something that really works? 

Visit the Preferred Vendor’s website and order today. Use discount code CBDOLOGY and receive a 10% discount off your purchase. Be sure to share your experience to better health with the CBDology Cummunity. 

420 Skincare

420 Skincare is a premium line of quality topicals and skincare infused with CBD for maximum relief.

BioEnergy Patches

The BioEnergy Patch is a new and effective way for doctors and practitioners to achieve optimum balance for their patients by delivering natural bio-frequencies to optimize brain and body function, restore missing cell communication, and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Cannaseur products are custom made in the CBDology kitchen. Whether they be candles or topicals or edibles, every Cannaseur product is designed with the CBDology subscriber’s needs in mind. 

Dr. Burns ReLeaf

Dr. Burns ReLeaf proprietary formulations utilize Cannabinoids as the main constituent along with other superior botanicals; this synergy results in effective therapeutic outcomes. These formulations are based on scientific studies and case analysis, not just folklore, grandma’s remedies or old wives’ tales. 

They raise the bar of quality control for the entire industry.

Hemp Hearts

Hemp Heart Toppers are a delicious blend of Hemp Hearts, Hemp Pro Fiber and organic ingredients.

They can be used to add a boost of healthy flavor to your salad, vegetables, and more!

Hemp Rain Water

Hemp RainTM CBD water quenches more than just your thirst with every sip. Enjoy the benefits of optimal hydration and cellular nutrients in the most bioavailable form possible. This nano-amplified hemp CBD water beverage is powered by cutting edge science for optimal balance and wellness support.


MOONPICKS are made by hand and infused inside and out and top to bottom with all-natural flavors and the best quality ingredients. All of the birch wood used in the picks is freshly harvested in the USA. Every batch of MOONPICKS is unique, and each batch is lab tested for consistency dosages and product quality.